The diary of Simo Häyhä

visualized and contextualized.

Simo Häyhä's Book of Sins

Simo Häyhä, known as the White Death, is perhaps the most renowned sniper in the world. Yet as a person he might be less known as many of the sources regarding Häyhä have remained unknown to the English-speaking world.

Through his only recently discovered diary, letters and other thoughts formed into an Ebook you can learn more about his humane side and how he felt about life and war.

Kollaa, the front in which Häyhä served in the Winter War against the Soviet Union also deserves to be remembered.

You can now read the originally handwritten memoir in its visualized form with added war-time photos and context behind the text and characters displayed.

White death diary

The visualized and contextualized diary of Simo Häyhä

The Diary of Simo Häyhä Visualized and ContextualizedAbout