Simo Häyhä diary

The memoir of Simo Häyhä visualized and contextualized

You can now read the 2017 discovered Winter War memoir of Simo Häyhä as a visualized and contextualized eBook.

White Death Diary represents Häyhä's originally handwritten story fully visualized and contextualized to provide information on everything that Häyhä wrote about to non-Finnish readers as well.

Every other unknown Simo Häyhä story known previously only in Finnish is also brought to you now for the first time in English.

The aim of the book is to allow for a more humanized version of Häyhä to be brought to the public through his own words, letters and stories.

Simo Häyhä book

All the characters and events Häyhä wrote about are introduced alongside the original handwritten 11-page memoir called 'War Memories' now fully visualized with story and context info banners. It has also been known as Simo Häyhä's Book of Sins.

The world-renowned front of Kollaa and its defensive battle against the Soviet onslaught is also remembered in the stories surrounding Häyhä's company of 'Sinfuls'...


136-paged PDF eBook decorated with over 50 visualized context and story banners

Consists of three chapters: diary, letters & stories and the Kollaa front remembered

Fully visualized with war-time photography and illustrations presented alongside additional stories related to Häyhä, his diary and the events and characters mentioned

The book has been intended to be accessible and easy to read on all devices that support PDF-book format which provides for full visualization throughout the eBook.

By acquiring the book you can also support our effort to bring all the Häyhä-related stories known previously only in Finnish to the English-speaking world.

Simo Häyhä book


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